Heather's Peace of Cakes 

Creating custom goodness is a "Peace of Cake"

Sweet Memories to last long after your BIG DAY!

Wedding Cake wax melts created with the scent of your Wedding Cake! 

*Soy Based

*Customized Scent

*Hand crafted 

*Long Scent Life (over 72 hours of burn time per melt!

*Adorable & Affordable

*Unique & Enjoyable

Wax Melts are available is various shapes, & styles such as:

Heart Shaped Single Melts gift wrapped with custom label.              $1.50 each

Wedding Cake Single Melts gift wrapped with custom label.            $2.00 each

Double Scents in favor boxes with a Bow                                                $3.50 each

Full Wax Brick with custom label                                                               $5.00 each

Candle (8 oz)   with custom label                                                                $8.00 each

FREE COUPLES CANDLE with any order! 

We also offer these custom WEDDING FAVORS:

Macarons in gift box  (2 per box)                                                                  $4.00 each

Candies - fudge, pralines, turtles, or truffles  - gift wrapped                 $2.50 each

Hand crafted Jams & Jelly in custom jars (4 oz)                                      $3.00 each

Cake Pops (gift wrapped)                                                                                $1.50 each

Wedding Cake in a jar (8 oz)                                                                           $3.75 each

Hand Soaps  in a variety of shapes/scents                                                  $2.50 each

Bath Bombs in a variety of scents/colors                                                    $2.75 each

Decorated Cookies                                                                                            VARIES ON DESIGN